Welcome to Lighthouse Seven, and thank you for supporting our dream to touch thousands and possibly millions of people with God's message of hope and encouragement. My name is Victor Jimenez, born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. I'm a father of three beautiful children and I've been happily married to my lovely wife Damaris T. Jimenez since 2006. Our journey began about 5 years ago with the yearning to help those in need, but it really called us into action during the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017 which left so many people in Puerto Rico, including our close relatives, living in darkness and sleeping under plastic tarps. Everyone who was affected by the hurricane struggled to find drinkable water and food to feed themselves and their families. In the midst of this devastation me and my wife decided that something needed to be done to help as much people as we could, at least the ones we were able to reach. Traveling was not an option for obvious reasons and communication was impossible due to the destruction of all phone towers and no electricity to the Island of Puerto Rico. Our family and friends on our end began to ask God for direction and guidance. Trusting God and equip with His confidence we began to brainstorm on what could be done with the little that was possible. As the Island began to rebuild and re-establish communication, we began to utilize social media to try to communicate and reunite families. We would have some people who were able to have access to social media in P.R. to post their location and status. Then we would pass this info on to the specific individual searching for the status of their family member. We began to have lunch sales and small fundraising events at our personal jobs and communities to gather as much money and resources as possible to deliver over when it became possible to travel. Once better communication was capable, my wife began to assist people who were most affected and who had no way to communicate or travel to complete their FEMA applications. Once the travel ban was lifted my wife was able to travel and deliver all we had gathered which included food, clothing, hygiene necessity, and a generator.  The tears and suffering we saw in peoples faces was unexplainable.  Seeing the conditions people lived in really broke our hearts and it brought a humbling mindset to our lives. Lifting people up when they are down and putting a smile on a person's face for at least a second filled us with joy. At that moment of happiness all differences and past transgressions are put aside as if they never existed. All that mattered was love and being alive, making sure your worse enemy had a plate of food to eat. With just a simple hug and kiss made the difference.

              Everyone who is set to make a difference in the world has a moment in their lives that flips their purpose and motivation to live. We take for granted that we wake up every morning, that we have a roof above our heads and clothes on our backs. This moment in our lives made an everlasting impact and it taught us to cherish every moment in life and focus on the positives. Now P.R. is getting back to some resemblance of what it use to be but still has ways to go. Humanity is special and everyone must know and believe that God has placed a specific gift in everyone to exercise. Once you know that you are special and possess one of the pieces to the puzzle, no one will stop you. Without your piece the picture isn't complete. So me and my wife ran with it and from that moment on a fire burned in us to be a light to those who are not as privileged as we are. We wanted to become lighthouses to those lost in the fog and help them find their purpose. I thought of a lighthouse once and began researching and dreaming of it. It came to me that a light house is a sight of hope and salvation in the midst of the storm, a place of rest. The word rest resonated with because God rested on the seventh day after creating the beauty we see around us. It was then that Lighthouse Seven was formed. We thank you for taking the time to reading our story and if you desire to put your piece of the puzzle to work join us in spreading the love and being a light to the world.